Butoh Tarot at the 2015 {Re}Happening!

This year’s {Re}Happening was on April 4, 2015. The annual experimental, multidisciplinary event is presented by Black College Museum + Arts Center and the Media Arts Project at Camp Rockmont in Lake Eden, NC and is an incredible experience in music, dance, performance and visual art.  This year I presented Butoh Tarot as a performative and interactive installation. I will not go into the details of how the work came about and its background as you can refer to my post in December 2014 for that. In a nutshell, a participant draws a card from my Tarot deck and I read it for them with their own personal Butoh dance created in the moment.  It was such an honor to be accepted into the {Re}Happening and to develop the piece even further.

I selected a small cabin, #21, which was fairly high upstairs, as my space, then proceeded to transform it into an altar for Butoh Tarot. From 3pm until 10:40pm I danced about 68 Tarot readings, with only one short break at about 6pm. Phew. It was amazing. Many people watched without having a reading, and some meandered through saying they just wanted to look at the installation. Tarot participants cried, laughed, asked if I was a “fake,” brought friends to have a reading, thanked me, ignored me, hugged me…the entire range of emotion and involvement.  I have never experienced anything like it either physically or emotionally and really pushed my own personal boundaries of endurance, energy and spiritual connection.

As of yet, I do not have any photos of readings, but please enjoy the pics of the installation.  For more info about the{Re}Happening, visit http://www.rehappening.com.

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