103 Days of Butoh!

So, let’s see, how did this self challenge come about exactly? To begin with, it has been an odd year so far.  I had a successful solo show in January (pics and video coming soon), then things got funky after that. I won’t go into details except that my heart, head and right foot all got involved, but since that show I haven’t done much other than indulge in self pity and loathing. Ridiculous. The other day I read my 2015 New Year’s blog post and laughed; so much for that gung-ho feeling I had 6 months ago! But, the New Moon last week helped me realize it is time to snap out of it. Excuses and illusions are not serving me anymore.

Sunday I was partaking in my usual “cats and coffee on the couch watching CBS Sunday Morning” ritual, and there was a segment on a young woman facing her fears for 100 days straight. Her project was an art school class assignment where they had to pick one thing to do for 100 days in a row. I found this intriguing and discovered that the 100 day project is a thing! I hadn’t heard of it! Anyhoo, I got inspired and as of today am doing my own 103 days of Butoh project!

My guidelines are that for the next 103 days I must do something for my Butoh life every day. Options include rehearsing/practicing, taking or teaching class, applying for grants and festivals, blog posting, doing research (such as reading Kazuo Ohno’s book and watching Butoh videos) and performing.  I will record my activities every day in my Butoh journal and this will culminate on Halloween/Day of the Dead weekend, my favorite holiday! So please feel free to check-in with me and make sure I am on track or even start a challenge of your own! Right now I am off to work on a new solo…