So, how goes it? And why?

Sooo, how is this 103 Days of Butoh going so far? Okay. I am a bit disappointed in myself as some days I read a bit of Kazuo Ohno’s World and that is all. Other days I do a long practice as I “should.” These “shoulds” bring me to thinking about why I am doing this challenge and also why I even want to blog about all of this in the first place? Most days I struggle with feeling worthless and pointless, as sadly, many of us do. Butoh dance helps me breathe life into that feeling, to honor it and to find the joy in life as well. I blog about Butoh because I feel that as an art form, it is so important and relevant to our everyday lives; the struggles, the miracles, the bliss, the pain…Butoh celebrates all of this! My aspiration in blogging is to share my journey with Butoh dance while (hopefully) growing as an artist.  I am so inspired and intrigued by those who have strong dedication to their art forms and long to be that way myself. So back to the “shoulds.” Maybe practice in any art form doesn’t need to be ruled by “shoulds,” but it can be a flow, a natural progression where one doesn’t fight their instincts? But then where does one draw the line between dedication vs. apathy or hard work vs. lethargy? I don’t know, I am just trying to figure it all out, ha! Thanks for reading!