Celebrating Day of the Dead

Yesterday and today, we honor and celebrate our loved ones who we have lost. I must admit I have quite the fear of death, so my discovery many years ago of the Day of the Dead tradition, Dia de Los Muertos, has been truly important. I lit candles on my altar and also attended a lovely dance concert celebrating Day of the Dead by Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater, dressed as a sugar skull in the tradition of remembering that life is sweet.

Annnddd, my 103 days of Butoh challenge was supposed to have been completed by yesterday, November 1st. Welp, I did not complete my challenge as planned and am greatly disappointed in myself, but trying not to be too weird about it. Just keep going, just keep striving, right? The fortune that is in the altar picture says “Struggle as hard as you can for whatever you believe in.” Truly, I WANT to do this, but often just can’t figure out how. I know we are all our own worst editors, enemies, demons, etc. So how do we keep going as artists in this day and age? One step at a time (no dance pun intended).

This month, Chicago Butoh artist Nicole LeGette from blushing poppy productions will be in residence here in Asheville with Legacy Butoh, Anemone Dance Theater and strange daughters butoh, so that will be amazing and inspiring! We are going to see Sankai Juku this Friday in Chapel Hill which will be thrilling! So much to look forward to and for which to be grateful!

Happy Day of the Dead! Celebrate life and love!