11th Asheville Butoh Festival Fundraiser!


Join us at Revolve Gallery in the River Arts District of Asheville on Friday, March 10, from 6-8pm for sushi, sake, previews and a special live performance to raise funds for the exciting 11th Asheville Butoh Festival, coming up April 20-23!

This year, Ken Mai (Japan via Helsinki, Finland) and Paul Michael Henry (Glasgow, Scotland) include the Asheville Butoh Festival in their respective North American tours!

In addition to Mai’s and Henry’s work, you will see new work from Julie Gillum, Sara Baird, Constance Humphries & yours truly – Asheville’s own unique local dancers.

Production costs for the 4 evening-length shows are $3200. Your tax-deductible donations are going toward the cost of presenting these important performances at the BeBe Theatre.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation via Indiegogo: https://igg.me/at/11thashevillebutohfestival

The festival is produced by Julie Gillum and Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater.

For more Information
Ken Mai – kenmaibutoh.blogspot.com/
Paul Michael Henry – paulmichaelhenry.com
Julie Gillum – ashevillebutoh.org
Sara Baird – anemonedance.org
Constance Humphries – constancehumphries.com
Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre – acdt.org
Revolve Gallery – revolveavl.org