103 Days of Butoh 2018!

Today I scouted locations for my upcoming Asheville Fringe Arts “Random Acts of Fringe” performances (details on that in tomorrow’s post). I am getting over being sick with the crud and it was cold and drizzly, but I felt the most inspired that I had in about 2 1/2 years! I have never really created site-specific work and have been researching spaces in town as possibilities. Some spots are under construction so I ruled them out, but in my adventures around the city I found other places and images that struck me. When I got home and started to blog about it, I realized I want to do another 103 days of Butoh challenge for myself. Auspiciously, the 103 day period ends on the opening of Asheville Butoh Collective’s spring solo show in which I will be premiering a new work.

My last and only 103 day challenge of this type failed, and since then I have continually questioned myself as a dance artist. This past year I thought about giving it up completely for various reasons, mostly because of self judgment, insecurity, eating disorder, self-harm and depression issues. Maybe giving myself this challenge after feeling inspired today is a new attempt at healing or I just realized that I truly am a dancer and artist and need to jump back in? So with today as day 1 and the last day as April 20, I embark on this adventure in my Butoh and my life.

The featured image was taken by J. Elbertson photography originally, then I used the Prisma app for some fun editing. Please visit http://ashevillefringe.org and http://www.ashevillebutoh.com for more info about those organizations and support if you can!