weedy trophies

weedy trophies I am so thrilled to be premiering my new solo at the Asheville Fringe Arts Festival this year! A butoh reimagining of the tragic character Ophelia from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, weedy trophies… Continue reading

Seeds in suspension: strange daughters spring synopsis!

Wells are homes of spirits, monsters and virgins. Cracks and minute spaces. Chickens scratching the world into existence. Seeds in suspension. Pigs as symbols of divine fruitfulness as well as gluttony and lust; often sacrificed… Continue reading

strange daughters’ April events!

There are so many incredible performance events here in Asheville this month! Coming up this weekend, 4/7-4/10, the 10th Asheville Butoh Festival presents special guest Yumiko Yoshioka, strange daughters butoh and local favorites… Continue reading

Celebrating Day of the Dead

Yesterday and today, we honor and celebrate our loved ones who we have lost. I must admit I have quite the fear of death, so my discovery many years ago of the Day… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Kazuo Ohno!

Kazuo Ohno, one of the founders of Butoh, was born this day in 1906 in Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan. I am so grateful for his life and art every day! Currently, I am reading… Continue reading

Revisiting things…

I love October. It is my favorite month and ends with my favorite holidays. This October was also supposed to be the last month of my 103 days of Butoh challenge, but wow… Continue reading


the silent and poisonous pull of unfettered currents Oiwa beckons, meditates, brings messages tangled and hopelessly snarled surrender better left unsaid

So, how goes it? And why?

Sooo, how is this 103 Days of Butoh going so far? Okay. I am a bit disappointed in myself as some days I read a bit of Kazuo Ohno’s World and that is… Continue reading

strange daughters butoh at The Asheville Fringe Arts Festival 2015

Well, it has taken me a moment to post about my solo show that was back in January, but for some reason it seems appropriate for a Blue Moon blog during my “103… Continue reading

103 Days of Butoh!

So, let’s see, how did this self challenge come about exactly? To begin with, it has been an odd year so far.  I had a successful solo show in January (pics and video… Continue reading