Butoh & Archetypal Symbol: A 6 week summer workshop

This 6 week improvisational, Butoh inspired workshop will explore the question “How do we experience image and archetype?” Through Butoh exercises and improvisation, we will delve into symbols and images, exploring them as… Continue reading

Butoh Tarot at the 2015 {Re}Happening!

This year’s {Re}Happening was on April 4, 2015. The annual experimental, multidisciplinary event is presented by Black College Museum + Arts Center and the Media Arts Project at Camp Rockmont in Lake Eden,… Continue reading

strange daughters butoh: a solo performance

The Asheville Fringe Arts Festival and strange daughters butoh present a dance exploration and deconstruction of female symbol and archetype. Strange daughters celebrates both vulnerability & strength as well as rawness, awkwardness &… Continue reading

Happy New Year 2015!

I am excited for 2015. I really am. I know New Year’s is just another day and society has assigned some ridiculous importance to it, but this year feels different.  I am ready.… Continue reading

Butoh Tarot

When I was a little girl, maybe eight or so, my dad gave me a unique deck of Tarot cards.  I think they were actually swag he received at a conference from a paper… Continue reading


spun. My initial inspiration for this dance was the work of artist Louise Borgeois, and I wrote a bit about this in a past blog post.  Borgeois’ exploration of memory, female sexuality, and personal… Continue reading

Butoh Garden Party this September!

Please join us in September for live music and Butoh dance, a silent art auction and some lovely wine! Enjoy live performances by yours truly of strange daughters butoh, Elisa Faires, Julie Becton… Continue reading

“Viva La Vida!”

On this day in 1907, Frida Kahlo was born. To me, her fearlessness, rebellious free spirit and strength in both life and art are Butoh!  Frida inspires me to be true to myself,… Continue reading

“Dance, dance. Otherwise we are lost.” -Pina Bausch

Five years ago today, Pina Bausch left this world. She was born July 27, 1940 in Germany as Philippina, and was an amazing and influential dancer, teacher and choreographer who fearlessly explored themes… Continue reading

red girl garden

Today I was going through my costumes and came across a red dress and wig that brought back memories of a dancer from ten years ago.  In October 2003 I had the honor… Continue reading