A Butoh Babe’s Birthday!

Today is the birthday of one of my favorite Butoh babes! Julie Becton Gillum is an amazing dance artist, teacher, choreographer, collaborator and friend! We have laughed and cried hysterically with each other, danced in Cuba with shaved heads, done Butoh in Mexico together, I could go on and on…You can check out her website at ashevillebutoh.com as well!

Please scroll through the pics above of Julie’s recent work, Biosphere, which we performed at the 2014 Re-Happening at Lake Eden in April. Julie created the puppet world with the wonderful puppeteers, Madison J. Cripps and Keith Shubert, who also danced in the piece with me, Geo Lynx and Sara Baird.  The music was composed by Kimathi Moore and the lovely photos were taken by Michael Oppenheim.